Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

Tomi Soikkeli

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Have you been trying to lose weight or change your lifestyle for a long time? Do you feel that you need support in updating your exercise plan and diet? Want to get a good start on your movement?

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                                    Personalized service

Whatever your goal is, I will cheer and motivate you so that training is both goal-oriented and fun. Both training programs and coaching will be designed individually.

                                        100% Certified PT

          I am an Authorized Personal Trainer with more than 5 years experience in coaching. Whether it's losing/gaining weight, increasing overall well-being, or changing eating habits, I can help you succeed your goals.


I am Tomi Soikkeli, an authorized Personal Trainer and wellness coach. I currently work as a Personal Trainer and Coach on the Costa del sol; Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona & Mijas. Previously, I managed Fressi gym in Helsinki and trained clients both in and outdoors around the Helsinki. 

As a personalized coach I find that you can train anywhere. The most important thing is to find a sport that you like, and as close as possible to your own living environment. If a gym or another exercise venue is far from home or work, it's easier to start making excuses for not being able to exercise. If training at home is the easiest solution for you, we can develop a workout program using body weight or various equipment in your home. If you prefer to go to the gym, we can plan a training program around that. 

I will be happy to help you on your journey to your goals. Contact me and I will design your personalized plan! 

Customer experiences

"The workouts have responded very well to my needs and goals. My limitations were well taken into account in the coaching. The training program itself was designed to suit my poor condition, and there was variation in the training so it kept me motivated. The teaching style was inspiring and Tomi taught the exercises so that I learned to do them correctly. The plus is that I can do the program anywhere!"

Woman 55-years old

"Tomi knew how to keep me motivated in a positive way even when I was struggling. It's one of many great strengths as an instructor. "

Woman 31-years old

"As a client of OverTheLimits, I lost 25 kilos during the past year. An absolute recommendation! "

Man 43-years old