Personal Training

Appointments are scheduled according to your goals. Options include: condition testing, planning a training program, work out with a personal trainer, and diet analysis.

- Condition testing; body composition measurement, mobility, balance and movement control, endurance and cardio. In addition, halfway and final result tests are possible. 

- Training program; individually designed exercise program. Alternatives include a gym program, training with your own body weight, kettle bells, elastic bands, gym ball training.

 - Shared training with a personal trainer; in the gym, outdoors, at home. 

- Diet analysis and diet planning; with the help of a food diary as well as various phone applications. 

- Follow-up recommendations; For example, how to make changes to your training program in the future. 

- E-mail and telephone consultation on weekdays throughout the contract period.

Nutrition coaching

Do you want support on how to eat healthy and consider your workout goals? 

Through a food diary analysis, you can find out how much protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, and minerals you actually get from your diet. In addition, we´ll calculate your total energy needs according to your daily consumption. Based on the results, you will receive personalized advice to reach your goals. Diet plays a key role in overall well-being, whether it is weight loss or increasing exercise performance.


- Analysis of your food diary 

- One meeting with a Personal Trainer (60 min, possible also by web or phone) 

- Professional advice for an effective diet plan 

- In the meeting, you will also have the opportunity to ask you about any nutrition-related issues that concern you.

- Follow-up support for 1 month after consultation.


All coaching can also be done online. 

Personal Training
Nutrition coaching

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